Managing Partner

    Tyler was a student athlete at BYU where he was a pitcher and 1st baseman. He has seen exponential growth in his communication and leadership skills since working with us. His long term professional goals are to be financially free in order to provide for his family and be able to retire by age 40.
    Fun Fact: In college, Tyler paid most of his expenses by competing in Madden tournaments. Within 2 years he won 9 tournaments, competed nationally and is still recognized as a professional gamer.



    Assistant Manager

    As one of our youngest Assistant Manager Joey is a recent graduate of Rowan College where he earned a Computer Science degree. He has seen an improvement in his communication skills and confidence with our company. His long term goal is world domination and to have a $100 million net worth.
    Hobbies: Poker(he already asked Rob for a poker table for his 23rd birthday in May)
    Fun Fact: Has a twin sister



    Assistant Manager

    Played football at a collegiate level at Bloomsburg University where he got his Psychology degree. Due to his consistency and reliability Dwuann's first promotion with us came in his fourth week of employment, and his second promotion took place in his 7th month. One of his long term goals is to pay off his mothers mortgage and get his dream house built in Pennsylvania.
    Hobbies: Motivational speaking, meditating, watching movies.
    Fun Fact: Writes poetry and was an active member in his school theatre program (Annie and Oliver Twist)



    Recruitment Manager

    Lena got promoted to management at 22 and took full advantage of our travel opportunities. She has visited 12 different cities and lived in 5 different states within her 6 years working with our company. One of her current goals is to help open 5 new offices from our KOP branch.
    Fun Fact: Lena did competitive gymnastics for 14 years.



    HR Director

    Christine holds a Psychology degree and is currently pursuing higher education from Thomas Edison State University. A short term goal of hers is to train other HR managers and help our new branch managers scale their offices.
    Fun Fact: Christine has 10 siblings!



    HR Manager

    Asia has a Psychology degree from West Chester University. One of her long term professional goals is to own a hookah and cigar bar.
    Hobbies: Bartending
    Fun fact: Proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority inc.

  • Christopher Casseti

    Christopher Casseti

    Account Manager

    Christopher's short-term goal is to become a better leader and mentor to help push others to better themselves. His long-term goal is to improve his family's lives by gaining financial freedom.
    Hobbies: He likes hanging out with his loved ones and playing Madden
    Fun Fact: He is a kickboxer



    Account Manager

    Devonte is a track star within his own lane! He ran high school track and won the 2014 Diamond State Relay in the 4x100, 60m and 100m. He is one to bring his wit and competitiveness into the office. Devonte's short term goal is to develop five more leaders. His long term goal is to run a Video Editing and digital marketing company where we focus on showing people how to boost their social media presence.
    Hobbies: Content creation, consultation and video editing.
    Fun Fact: Self taught pianist, he learned how to play one summer by practicing for 5-8 hours everyday.
    Devonte also raced D'Andre Swift in the 55m dash in High School.

  • Daniel Callahan

    Daniel Callahan

    Account Manager

    Dan Entered the workforce right after high school, and ever since joining the Advanced Axis team, he has strengthened his communication skills which has helped him a lot in his personal life. One of his long-term goals is to have enough savings to travel and buy a beach house.
    Hobbies: He enjoys going to the gym
    Fun Fact: He loves the beach

  • Jaden Lewis

    Jaden Lewis

    Account Manager

    Jaden attended Temple university with a major in Finance. Being a competitive person he participated in Football along with Track and Field. Since starting at Advanced Axis, Jaden has been able to improve his communication skills. With the amount of hard work he displays in the office he has become a lead speaker in one of our weekly networking meetings that help others with their growth in the company. One of his short term goals is to gain financial freedom so he can take care of his family. One of Jaden's long term goals is to provide opportunities for others that aid in their personal and professional growth.
    Hobbies: Finances, Gaming, and going to the Gym
    Fun Fact: He proposed to his high school sweetheart at 18 years old.

  • Keijah Curtis

    Keijah Curtis

    Account Manager

    Keijah "Kai" majored in Computer Science while attending Penn State. Since joining the Axis team; she has been able to develop herself, become even more confident along with becoming a resource for others. Kai dreams about owning her own business that prioritizes a great work culture. Kai intends to own Barbershops while having passive income.
    Hobbies: Sports, spending time with family and friends, learning new things.
    Fun Fact: Kai has played the piano since she was 4 years old!

  • Justin Cornelius

    Justin Cornelius

    Account Manager

    Justin is an 18 year old goal driven young man. Since joining the company, Justin has learned how to be a leader along with improving his communication skills. Outside of all the work he puts in at advanced axisJustin enjoys being competitive on and off the basketball court, he also enjoys playing John Coltraine at the piano. Justin aspires to eventually open his own Jazz Bar.
    Hobbies: Playing the piano and basketball.
    Fun Fact: Justin and his brother Josh swapped places in the 3rd grade and never got caught!

  • Everest Byrne

    Everest Byrne

    Account Manager

    Everest is a 21 year old who attended Penn State for Business Administration. He formerly worked in the NY Art District until he saw an opportunity to take a leap into sales. One of his best achievements (outside of his leadership role) was learning more about leadership. His short term goal is to start his real estate portfolio, he’s currently on track to purchasing his first property by the end of the summer. His long term goal is to create the foundation for his family by creating and operating his own business. His lifetime goal is to continue to grow, learn more, and mentor others to help them achieve their goals as well.
    Hobbies: He loves hiking, working out, golfing, kayaking, fine arts, and Traveling.
    Fun Fact: He’s the first American in my family.